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Wireless Networking

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Wireless Networking Solutions

A wireless local area network is using the radio waves to connect devices such as laptops as well as mobile phones to the internet. Wireless networking has been very beneficial for the business as well as various applications.

When you are connecting your W-Fi or a hotspot at a cafe, airport lounge, cafes, and other public places.

A wireless network is going to connect devices such as computers as well as laptops. The wireless networks are going to allow the devices to stay connected to the network. There is going to be no wires.

When you are using a wired connection, it has some disadvantages as compared with the wireless network.

The biggest disadvantage is that your device is tethered to a router. The most common wired networks use cables connected at one end to an Ethernet port on the network router and at the other end to a computer or other device.

It was thought that wired networks were faster and more secure than wireless networks. But continual enhancements to wireless network technology and wireless networking standards have eroded speed and security differences between wired and wireless networks.

Wireless networking benefits:

Increased Mobility: Wireless networks allow mobile users to access real-time information so they can roam around your company’s space without getting disconnected from the network. This increases teamwork and productivity company-wide that is not possible with traditional networks.

Installation Speed and Simplicity: Installing a wireless network system reduces cables, which are cumbersome to setup and can impose a safety risk, should employees trip on them. It can also be installed quickly and easily, when compared to a traditional network.

Wider Reach of the Network: The wireless network can be extended to places in your organization that are not accessible for wires and cables.

More Flexibility: Should your network change in the future, you can easily update the wireless network to meet new configurations.

Reduced Cost of Ownership over Time: Wireless networking may carry a slightly higher initial investment, but the overall expenses over time are lower. It also may have a longer life cycle than a traditionally connected network.

Increased Scalability: Wireless systems can be specifically configured to meet the needs of specific applications. These can be easily changed and scaled depending on your organization’s needs.

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