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Fiber Optic Installation

K-Tech Solutions provides a highly skilled workforce that is experienced in the design and placement of fiber optic technology.  We use the latest equipment in terminating, testing and documenting the fiber optic cable.  Our capabilities include cabling within the building, campus environments, multi-story buildings and outside plant fiber optic cabling.

K-Tech Solutions Can Help You With:

  • Multimode & Single-mode
  • Fiber Inner-duct Systems
  • Fiber Terminations
  • Mechanical & Fusion Splicing
  • Fiber Testing
  • Interconnect Cabinets
  • Outside Plant Design & Installation
  • Riser Backbone Design & Installation

Fiber Optic Installation Solutions

All the fiber optic installation procedures in Tampa, Florida are not the same. There are various telephone companies and broadband services that are using a lot of fiber optics. These companies use the fiber optics outside the buildings. The wires are always hanging from the poles or is buried underground directly.

The wires can also be pulled through a conduit and is sometimes even submerged from the underwater. Most of these wires are used for long-distance networks. It can be from a few hundred feet to thousand feet to a few hundred miles to thousands of miles.

Fiber Optic Installation Benefits:

  • There are different kinds of usage of fiber optics. One of the usage includes FTTH (fiber to the home). In this installation, the connection is from a phone switch in a pedestal to a home or central office.
  • There are most of the systems that are using passive optical networks with the signals that are allowing upto 32 users to share one link and carry the bidirectional signals.
  • In CATV, fiber is used for enhanced reliability. It is used to offer enhanced services. FTTH is a new house is done through underground conduit. The users in your immediate neighborhoods might use aerial or underground laying of wires. It depends upon from house to house.
  • The Fiber Optic Installation is also used for CATV systems in Tampa, Florida. It uses lots of single mode fiber in the backbone. This is all done using an overbuild structure. The biggest advantage of CATV is reliability.
  • Utilities also use fiber. There are many high voltage distribution lines that have optic fiber in the center of the ground wire. It is used for communications and grid management. These are also used for the leasing lines for telcos for various long distance signals.
  • The municipalities are also using the fiber optic installation as there are lots of telco phone lines for data. It is usually cheaper to install the town-wide network that way.

The utilities are also using the fiber cables to control the signals as the fiber is not affected by the high voltages or electrical noises. These fiber links generally uses the multimode fiber which is very unlikely of the long distance links.

These fiber optic wires have also increased the network speed and have decreased the intermittency level. Earlier, the internet had slow speeds but not due to fiber optic installation, there is no disturbance in the network connection.

Fiber optics are installed by the professionals in the most efficient and reliable manner.

K-Tech Solutions is Proud to Serve the Greater Tampa Bay Area, Including:

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