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Computer Rooms

Our installations range from large complex systems found in corporate headquarters to systems found in small business offices.  Our services include a complete inventory of the cabling and electrical systems complete with industry proven cost saving recommendations.

K-Tech Solutions Can Help You With:

  • Overhead Raceway Design & Installation
  • Under Floor Trough Systems
  • Data Rack & Cabinet
  • Layout and Installation
  • Voice Frame Layout & Installation
  • Vertical & Horizontal Management Systems
  • Fiber Frame Layout & Installation
  • Communication Ground Systems
  • Data Panel Layout & Installation
  • Fiber Jumper Cable Installation
  • Patch Cable Installation
  • Labeling & Documentation
  • Electrical Circuit Identification*
  • UPS Sizing & Installation*
  • Electrical Power Installation*

K-Tech Solutions regularly designs and installs computer room data, voice and electrical systems*.

Computer Room Solutions

A computer room can be explained as this large room that is used to power, store and operate the computer servers. This is done along with their respective components. These rooms provide the functional and environmental services that monitors the working of the servers.

These rooms are managed and accessed via a server administration system that is most commonly located outside the room. These rooms are primarily used to execute the applications that needs large computer resources when they are running.

The applications can include banking software, search engines, social media applications and more. It is very significant to keep the host of the factors in mind before you are setting up the computer room. These rooms are also professionally also called as the server rooms.

There are various factors that one needs to think of while setting up these rooms. This is why it is significant that this work is left for the professionals. Also, you must know that if you are keeping all the equipment exposed in these rooms, it can lead to any kind of malfunction in the system.

You must check the structure where this room is being set up. Check, whether or not, the building would be able to hold the server’s hardware requirements or not. Make sure that there is enough ventilation. Also, if the computer room is big, it is going to need the cooling facilities. This is done so that the system can work at its maximum efficiency.

Computer Room Features:

  • Hardware
  • Racks
  • Cabling system
  • Power
  • Infrastructure
  • UPS
  • Physical Security
  • Fire Protection
  • Backup

The cable management system cannot be understated as every part of the equipment is associated or attached with the ethernet cables. For that, a patch panel is used that manages the bundle of cables.

These patch panels are very complicated to install and is also going to help you strip the cable. This is why it becomes very important that you need to hire a professional who can setup your computer room.

These rooms heat up too soon and which is why you need a proper guidance while installing these rooms.

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