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CATV and Video Systems

CATV systems for offices, schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities can be designed by our in-house staff and installed by our technicians.  Proven and reliable equipment is used to create a working environment to meet the needs of each customer.

The equipment can include channel changing processors, splitters, amplifiers, RF modulators, unidirectional and bidirectional units to fulfill all multimedia needs.  The infrastructure can be coaxial, UTP twisted pair or optical fiber.

  • Equipment Design & Installation
  • Cable Plant Design & Installation
  • Amplifiers, Splitter, RF Modulators
  • Unidirectional & Bidirectional Units
  • TV’s – Ceiling Mount & Wall Mount
  • Coaxial, UTP, Fiber Optic Media
  • Manufacturing & Warehouse Environment
  • Office & School Environments

CATV and Video System Solutions

  • With every new day and every new technology, cable TV is the most powerful system. The designs of the cable systems must be among the most demanding and least forgiving technical aspects. These CATV and Video Systems require the best and the most reliable expertise.We can design and install the CATV systems. We can even help you integrate them with the existing systems to accommodate with the CATV requirements. A service provider is going to provide a full spectrum signal that is balanced in the building or the facility.The full responsibility for the final distribution is left to the owner of the building or the facility or the occupant of the building. This is the time when we can assist you in the design process as well.Well, in order for the signal to reach its desired outlet location, there are a series of calculations that are required. These calculations can be very complex in nature which is why you would want to hire professionals for the CATV and Video Systems installation.These calculations are significant and must be taken into account when there is a loss in decibels and that too through the broadcast spectrum. The loss could be from the components that includes coaxial cable per foot, multi-port taps,  splitters, directional couplers, and equalizers.Benefits of CATV and Video Systems:
    • Consistent service
    • Cost effective
    • Lots of channels under a single package
    • Broadband access
    • No extra costs

    We can also assist you with the more complex systems and technologies which includes a complex design as well as the installation. The head-end is a process that is used to combine two or more video inputs in a distribution system that is single. The inputs of video includes CATV and Video Systems, IP video, DVD players, CCTV video surveillance, satellite feeds, etc.

    We consider ourselves the experts as we are handling and have handled every project from small to large. We are professionally well-versed with the current design standards for those who require their systems to run alternate technologies as well.

    Do not panic if you face any kind of issue as we are backed by a 24- hour world class service providers who are experienced in handling all of your CATV issues.

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